Datum: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:03
Betreff: inglish

1st rule is: The laws of Germany (Ramones).

We had some bands at our venue these days, first one to mention would be the Berserkerz from Tulip-Land, where cheese grows everywhere on trees. Just to mention some phrases.
Soon that country won't exist more anyway because of global warming. That could make sense to the speed, that these guys had in their songs. Blaring out their fuck-as-hell fast as goes rhythms. Forget everything you've heard about Rock'n'Roll, you only could describe them as the answer to the New Bomb Turks of the Netherlands.
Funny was, they all could understand and speak German, so we had much to laugh at their typical dialect.
The support from Erlangen (Subwave) should learn from all of this.

Next were our friends, the Sewergrooves, that rocked the house once again. Support was a nice young Ska/Punk/Hardcore-Band from somewhere near Heilsbronn, they warmed up real cute.
Our swedish headliners proofed that we didn't make a fault booking them the second time a year.
Lots of cool music, posing and fun.
That was going on after their gig: One of their tour attendants, not the one, who plays with one of ZEN in another band, but to this after the interlude, just came up with the idea of driving to the emergency at about 2:30. We calling a Taxi, stepping in, me the translator, best idea at that time. So he was coughing up green slime in the morning, couldn't get to sleep at night. Doctors looked down his throat, gave him some medicine and told him to visit a real doctor next day. Bodo left the building around 4:45, unforgettable.

Then we had ZEN, or no, we didn't, heck, they cancelled their tour after the first day of their tour because of illness of the drummer. Are all of these swedish people sick? I guess so.
But we did the gig without ZEN, because the booking agency didn't let UGH! from Munich learn about the news. They stood at our venue in time at 7 and wanted to play. We waited for some guests to arrive and really, some people showed up, so UGH! played cool sound in-between Hardcore and Emo.

Best wishes to all sick people around, especially in Sweden.

BodoLemmy RamoneVicious

Please note that my expressions and feelings have nothing to do with the rest of the crew. People are different. Let them be.

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